Mobile PPE Station Now Available

Mobile PPE Station


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A little bit about our Mobile PPE Station…

Both of our Company Directors have partners working in the Health Care System and had both complained about lack of storage areas specifically for PPE in their Hospitals & Care Facilities. So we put our heads together and built a mobile PPE station to meet their requirements.

We have been told that not only does our Mobile PPE Station compare favourably with the European standard, it also compares very well on a competitive basis.

Mobile PPE station Now Available from Empress Engineering at

Product Information

This mobile isolation trolley is designed to store all the supplies required by hygiene protocols to reduce the risk of pathogen transmission in hospitals between patients, healthcare workers and visitors.

The Mobile PPE Station comes in a bright yellow colour to identify the high risk infection control in any Hospital, Nursing Home or any Care Facility.

The removable Metal Storage Baskets on this Mobile Isolation Trolley gives plenty of space for Gloves, Surgical Mask Boxes, Disposable Gowns, PPE Face Shield Visors, General PPE Wear etc.

This Isolation Trolley has been Polyester Powder Coated for easy cleaning. 

This PPE Trolley is on casters so it can be easily wheeled around. 

Each Mobile PPE Station has a refuse bag holder for waste management and an optional  Touchless Automatic Sensor Hand Sanitiser Dispenser Unit for Hand Hygiene*.

Product Details:

  • 3 removable metal storage baskets, stackable 
  • 2 metal shelves (top & bottom)
  • 1 Touchless Automatic Sensor Hand Sanitiser Dispenser Unit*
  • 1 Disinfectant solution holder on the side
  • 1 refuse bag holder

This product is now available online, click the following link for more details: Mobile PPE Station

*Please note that the Hand Sanitiser Dispenser Unit is not included. There is an Additional charge of €45 + VAT for the Dispenser Unit. If Required

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